Mimic Crescent (Phyciodes incognitus)

Mimic crescent was described and proposed as a species in 2004 by Ron Gatrelle.  This crescent has the appearance of North Crescents( Phyciodes cocyta ) but with the mtDNA of a Pearl Crescent( Phyciodes tharos ).  There is much debate in academic circles and Phyciodes incognitus has not universally been accepted as a separate species.  The keys to identiflying  Mimic when compared to Pearl as described by Gatrelle  are as follows.  1) Mimic is much larger. 2) Mimics flight is higher, stronger and more direct. 3) The orange undersides of the antennal clubs in both male and female. 4) Forested habitat, ie narrow roads, trails or open areas in deep woods where classical appearing Pearls are rare.
This butterfly was seen in Union Co., Ga. on 8/24/2005 at an elevation of 3700 ft. and seemed to meet all of the criteria described above.
This female was photographed on 5/10/2008 in Haygood Co., NC