Banded Hairstreak (Satyrium calanus)

This locally common highly variable hairstreak flies in late spring or early summer in North Georgia.
This form represents the textbook normal appearance with the postmedian band outlined in white on the outward edge only. In my experience this form seems to be rare in NW Georgia. This photograph was taken on 6/09/2005 in Floyd Co., Georgia.
These hairstreaks were photographed on 5/26/2005 and represent the most common form observed my me in Floyd Co., Georgia. The postmedian band is lined with white on both edges.
These hairstreaks were photographed in Floyd Co., Georgia on 5/25/2005. They show a rather extensive orange "spear" along the inner HW margin and the blue lunule has a definite slight orange cap(Cech in his new book states that this is entirely lacking in banded's). These features seem to suggest Edward's Hairstreak but the post median band is more comparable with banded.