Falcate Orangetip (Anthocharis midea annickae)

This small attractive butterfly is locally abundant in north Georgia flying from mid March to early May. Their flight is close to the ground, seldom seeming to rest long enough to provide prolonged views or photographic opportunities. 

Males are quite distinctive with bright orange forewing tips. The forewing shape(hooked-falcate), the checkered forewing border, and the appearance of the ventral hindwing are alike in both sexes. The brownish-black modeling present on the hindwing below is quite striking when well observed.

These three males were all observed at Black's Bluff Preserve, Floyd Co., Georgia during March 2005-upper left on the 15th, upper right on the 18th, and immediate left on the 18th.

Females lack the orange wing tips.
Floyd Co.-Georgia on 3/18/2005
Floyd Co,-Georgia on 3/23/2005
Courting male and female

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