Butterflies of Panama
In late May and early June of 2008 I spent two very wet weeks in Panama. I was based in the Canopy Lodge and all my time in the field was based on day trips from this location. The Lodge provided excellent accomaditions and food as well as transportation and the services of a driver. In spite of the unuaslly wet weather I was able to see and photograph many butterflies. I have listed below species which were seen and identified and links to the ones photographed.

Swallowtails family Papilionidae

Whites and Yellows family Pieridae
Catasticta prioneris hegemon , Hegemon Dartwhite
Heraclides thoas , Thoas Swallowtail
Paides childrenae, Green-celled Cattleheart
Paredes eurimedes, Pink-checked Cattleheart
Parides sesostris, Emerald-patched Cattleheart
Archonias brassolis tereas, Cattleheart White
Whites subfamily Pierinae


Anteos clorinde, White Angled-Sulphur
Eyrnea albula, Ghost Yellow
Eurema mimosa, Mimosa Yellow
Phoebis argante, Apricot Sulphur
Phoebis philea, Orange-barred Sulphur
Phoebis sennae , Cloudless Sulphur
Eurema dina, Dina Yellow
Gossamerwings family Lycaenidas
Hairstreaks subfamily Theclinae
Arwacus sito, Fine-lined Stripestreak
Arwacus togarna, Togarna(Chiapas) Stripestrek
Calycopis isobeon, Dusky-blue Groundstreak
Euaeus toxea, Mexican Cycadian
Panthiades bathildis, Zebra Hairstreak
Rekoa meton, Tiger-eye Hairstreak
Theritas mavors, Deep-green Hairstreak
Blues subfamily Polymmatinae
Cupido cormyntas, Eastern Tailed-blue
Lepototes cassius, Cassius Blue
Hemiargus ceraunus, Ceraunus Blue
Metalmarks family Riodinidae
Ariconias albinus, Albinus Metalmark
Juditha odites,   Odites Metalmark
Emesis cypria, Cypria Metalmark
Emesis lacrines, Lacrines Metalmark
Baeotis nesaea, Nesaea Metalmark
Calephelis sp, Calphelis Metalmark
Eurybia unxia , Unxia Metalmark
Sarota myrtea, Myrtea Metalmark
Brushfoots family Nymphalidae
Actinote ozomene, Lamplight Actinote
Heliconians and Fritillaries
Dione juno, Juno Heliconian
Eueides isabella, Isabella's Heliconian

Dryas julia, Julia Heliconian

Heliconius charithonia, Zebra heliconian
Heliconius eleuchia eleuchia, Eleuchia Heliconian
Heliconius cydno chioneus, Cydno Longwing
Dryadula phaetusa, Banded Orange heliconian
True Brushfoots subfamily Nymphalinae
Heliconius sara, Sara Heliconian
Chlosyne lacinia, Bordered Patch
Chlosyne janais, Crimson Patch
Chlosyne rosita, Rosita Patch
Chlosyne narva, Narva Patch
Anthanassa ardys, Ardys Cresceny
Anthanassa drusilla, Drusilla Crescent
Anthanassa tulcis , Pale-banded Crescent
Janatella leucodesma, Leucodesma Crescent
Eresia clio, Creamy Crescent
Castilia eranites, Smudged Crescent
Caria mantinea, Brilliant Greenmark
Tegosa aniteta cluvia, Black-bordered Tegosa
Anartia fatima, Banded Peacock
Anartia jatrophae, White peacock
Hypanartia lethe, Orange Mapwing
Siproeta stelenes, Malachite
Siproeta epaphus, Rusty-tipped Page
Admirals and Relatives subfamily Limenitidinae
Adelpha ethelda, Silverbanded Sister
Callicore tolima, Blue-and-orange Eighty-eight
Temenis laothoe, Orange Banner
Nica flavilla, Little Banner
Perophthalma lasus, Orange-flushed Eyemark
Mesosemia lamachus, Purple-washed Eyemark
Catonephele mexicana, Guatemalan Catone
Hamadryas laodamia, Starry Cracker
Leafwings and relatives subfamily Charaxinae
Euptoieta hegesia, Mexican Fritillary
Marpesia harmonia, Pale Daggerwing
Marpesia petreus, Ruddy Daggerwing
Marpesia chiron, Manybanded Daggerwing
Marpesia zerynthia dentigera, Waiter Daggerwing
Archaioprepona demophon, One-spotted Prepona

Emperors subfamily Apaturinae

Owl Butterflies and Morphos subfamily Morphinae
Eryphanis aesacus, Double-spotted Owl-Butterfly
Caligo atreus,   Gold-edged Giant Owl
Morpho helenor montezuma, Common Morpho
Morpho theseus, Short-tailed Morpho
Satyrs subfamily Satyrinae
Cissia Pseudoconfusa, Gold-stained Satyr
Cissia pompilia, Plain Satyr
Pareuptychia ocirrhoe, White Satyr
Magneuptychia libye, Blue-gray Satyr
Hermeuptychia hermes/sosybius, Carolina Satyr
Pedaliodes dejecta, Dejecta Satyr
Amphidecta callioma, Callioma Satyr
Pierella helvina incanescens, Helvina Satyr
Triclears subfamily Ithomiinae
Eurema salome, Salome Yellow

Laothus erybathis, Erbathis Stripestreak

Ithomia heraldica , Heraldica Clearwing
Ceratinia tutia, Yellow-tipped Ticlear
Dircenna klugii, Klug's Clearwing
Oleria zelica pagasa, Zelica Ticlear
Hesperidae/Hesperinae-Spreadwing Skippers
Asraptes alector, Gilberts Flasher

Asraptes fulgerator, Two-barred Flasher

Autochton longipennis/a/zaeex, Sharp Banded Skipper
Codatractus alcaeus/carlos, White-crescent Longtail
Cogia calchas, Mimosa Skipper
Noctuana stator, Red-studded Skipper
Pyrgus oileus, Tropical Checkered Skipper
Staphylus vulgata, Golden-snout Scallopwing
Sostrata bifasciata, Blue-studded Skipper
Urbanus procne, Brown Longtail
Urbanus simplicius, Plain Longtail
Urbanus tanna/teleus, Tanna,Teleus Longtail
Xenophanes tryxus, Glassy-winged Skipper
Heliopetes arsalte, Veined White-Skipper
Heliopetes alana, Alana White-Skipper
Hesperidae/hesperlinae-Grass Skippers
Anthoptus epictetus, Trailside Skipper
Corticea corticea, Redudant Skipper
Pompeius pompeius, Common Glassywing
Remella sp, Remella Skipper
Vehilius stictomenes illudens, Pasture Skipper
Staphylus ascalaphus, Mauve Scallopwing
Dyscophellus sp ? phraxanor, Dyscophellus Skipper